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17 Things You Can’t Forget to do on Your Wedding Morning

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After months of planning, your wedding morning is finally here! In your mind, you may be envisioning a low-key, relaxing morning that involves getting your hair and makeup done while sipping on a mimosa, and laughing and chatting with your bridesmaids. Can this actually be possible? Absolutely! Do you need to plan ahead to make this happen? You bet.

How to Have a Stress-Free Wedding Morning

The first few hours of the morning are critical because they can set the tone for the entire day. Start off frazzled, and you’re going to be a stress case by lunch and a disaster by dinner. Trust me, nobody wants that! Here are 17 things you need to do to help you have a relaxing, stress free morning!

Create a Timeline

This is key! Recently, I was the maid of honor for my best friend’s wedding, and I created a morning-of timeline that I handed out to the wedding party and parents so we could all be on the same page for everything that was happening.

Now, I made it somewhat detailed – I outlined times that each mom/bridesmaid was getting their hair and makeup done, when breakfast would be served, what time the photographer was showing up, when we needed to leave for the ceremony site, etc.

Not only did this help everyone stay on track, but it also allowed people to look at the schedule when they had questions, rather than constantly asking the bride! I’m telling you, organization and clarity are your best friends when it comes to wedding planning. :)

Tip: The getting ready portion of the day is when you’re at the most risk to fall behind! Because of this, it’s important to make sure you connect with your wedding planner and wedding photographer about setting up a wedding timeline that is accurate and allows for some buffer.

Go Workout

Hear me out on this one! If you typically workout in the morning, seriously consider doing this on your wedding day. Going out for some light or moderate exercise can help with boosting your energy and mood, along with invigorating your endorphins.

I wouldn’t recommend trying to set any crazy personal records or anything (you don’t want to hurt or over exhaust yourself), but a little sweat-sesh is a great way to start the day!

Lay Out Your Wedding Dress

You’ve had your dress zipped up, cramped, and hidden in the back of your closet for months, and it’s time to let it breathe! When you get to your getting ready location, take it out of the garment bag and hang it up in a spot where it can fan out. If you have a ballgown or a dress with a lot of tulle, fluff it out since it spent the last few months compressed.

In addition to hanging your dress, suggest to your bridesmaids that they do the same with theirs. Plus, having all of the dresses hanging together makes for a fun photo, especially if each bridesmaid dress is mismatched!

Tip: Rather than hanging it on a plastic hanger, get a customized hanger for your dress! These look great in photos, and it’s a simple detail that you can use after the wedding is over!

Play Music

There is nothing more awkward (especially for photographers, along with the hair and makeup artists) to walk into a room that is dead silent. Sure, we’re happy to make conversation with you and your girls, but it’s also helpful to have some music playing in the background!

Whether you want something chill and calming or you’re looking for some jams to hype you up, get a wedding morning playlist going and hook it up to a portable speaker.

Sidenote: In addition to playing music while you’re getting ready, I LOVE when couples ask if they can pump the jams while we’re taking photos during the engagement shoot! Candid moments of you dancing while standing on the cliffs overlooking the ocean? Um, yes please!

Get a Power Strip

Between all the cell phone chargers, curling irons, and other electronics, wall outlets are going to be a hot commodity the morning of your wedding! Come prepared with a power strip or two so everyone can easily find a place to plug in.

Give Out Bridesmaid Gifts

When you all gather together in the morning, if you have gifts for your bridesmaids (and you haven’t given them out in advance), this is a good time to pass them out. Depending on what the gift is, try giving it to them before your morning vendors arrive so you aren’t rushed.

Tip: If you are giving them clothing, such as a robe or cute pajamas, consider letting them know in advance. This way, they can make sure they’re wearing the right undergarments for them (especially if you plan on taking photos in them).

Determine What Outfit You’re Getting Ready In

If you’re giving your bridesmaids a set of pajamas or a robe, you’ll likely have one for yourself too for the morning. If that’s not your jam, figure out what you do want to wear while getting ready for wedding festivities.

While this doesn’t have to be the most elaborate outfit, try to wear something flattering! You’ll likely have some photos taken while you’re in that outfit, so your fiance’s old college shirt and sweats may not be the best option. :)

Remember to Eat

It sounds silly – needing to remind yourself to eat. But seriously, I see this forgotten all.the.time.

Between getting your hair and makeup done, the champagne toasts, and the overall excitement/nerves of the day, it will suddenly be noon and you’ll come to realize the only thing you’ve had is coffee and some bubbly. Put someone in charge of making sure you eat a wedding morning breakfast!

Limit the Hard Alcohol

This is important, especially if you’re likely going to forget my tip above about eating! While starting the day off with some alcohol is totally fine (mimosa, champagne, etc), be careful with how much you consume.

It might seem like a good idea to get rid of your nerves by having another shot of tequila, but if that’s going to have you drunk by the time you get to the ceremony, I recommend reconsidering! As a rule of thumb, leave the hard alcohol for the reception.

Bring an Emergency Kit

Have a little bridal survival kit that you keep readily available throughout the day. This might include things like: bobby pins, safety pins, band-aids, sewing kit, tissues, makeup, Tylenol, eyelash glue, deodorant, and water!

Keep the Room Organized

I’ll be honest, I cringe (on the inside) whenever I walk into a bridal room that looks like a bomb just went off. I get it – between you, your bridesmaids, and your hair and makeup artist, there’s a LOT of stuff that ends up in the room or suite.

Want to know a little secret that will make your morning WAY less stressful (and will keep your photographer super happy)? Keep the room straightened and organized!

Make it one of your bridesmaid’s jobs to ensure the room stays organized throughout the morning. It doesn’t have to be spotless, but it should be easy to find everything and also easy to move things around.

Place Your Shoes and Jewelry in One Spot

One of the first things I photograph during getting ready is your jewelry, so it’s super helpful if you already have that organized in one place. This allows me to get started right away and maximize the amount of time I have to take photos during this portion of the day. A few things I’ll generally ask for are your shoes, necklace, bracelet, earrings, wedding bands, and engagement ring.

Make Sure There is Light

A dark, windowless, poorly lit room is no bueno. First, it makes it hard for your hair and makeup artist to do their job. Can they still make you look amazing? Yes. But, it’s not ideal.

On that same note, can we take some awesome photos with this lighting scenario? Totally. Though, I personally prefer to use some of the window light to help with these portraits at the beginning of the day!

Delegate Your Phone to Someone

Phones are already distracting on a daily basis (thank you, Instagram). On your wedding day, delegate the responsibility of handling your phone to someone else. They can take care of any texts, calls, or messages that might come your way. This way, you can be present!

Don’t Sweat the Small Details

The morning of your wedding, let all of your worries and thoughts go about the minuscule details. If something was forgotten or doesn’t happen, IT’S OK. If there’s some ceremony wedding decor that’s not set up perfectly, it’s fine. It’s not worth getting yourself all worked up because your sister was 5 minutes late to the suite in the morning or you left your “something blue” at home.

Read Through Your Vows

If you and your hubby-to-be decided to write your own vows, take some time in the morning to read through them. This is a special time when you can reflect on everything you’re about to publicly say to him in a few hours. It can also help you feel less nervous by reading through and reciting them ahead of time.

Savor the Moments

Ensuring that you savor the moments of the morning is really important! The day goes by so quickly, and it’s easy to get caught up in the rush of everything happening around you. Be sure to take time to let the moments soak in.

Final Thoughts

By prioritizing what you need to do for the wedding morning and delegating some responsibilities to your bridesmaids, it’s pretty easy to have a calm, easy-going day. Remember, the morning mood is going to set the tone for the day, so make sure to start off on the right foot!

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