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Best Spanx for a Wedding Dress

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Wearing Spanx or shapewear under your wedding dress is definitely not essential. However, if you want to enhance your silhouette or highlight your curves in a more flattering way, then a Spanx is a great option.

Spanx is essentially shapewear that provides you with added support and coverage. Moreover, it completes your bridal look by keeping everything right where it is supposed to be. When you wear a Spanx under your wedding dress, you are likely to be more comfortable and confident about yourself.

Spanx comes in a large variety of cuts, colors, and designs. Here are some of the best Spanx for a wedding dress.

Top Spanx Reviews for Wedding Dresses

When it comes to Spanx, there is a style to suit every bride and every wedding dress!

Whether you are wearing an A-line wedding dress or a ball gown, full-sleeved or strapless wedding dress, sweetheart neckline, or halter neckline – Spanx can do wonders for your entire bridal look!

Nude spanx to wear under a wedding dress

However, choosing the perfect one can be confusing for many brides. That is because when you start hunting for the perfect shapewear, you will come across various different styles. Each of these is designed for different purposes and targets different body areas.

Stress not, though! We have enlisted some of the top choices of Spanx to wear under your wedding dress. So, let’s start right away.

Best Shapewear for a Backless Wedding Dress: Fashion Forms Lace Backless Strapless Bodysuit

Many wedding gowns and dresses are now stunningly backless or have an open back. If you love to flaunt your gorgeous back in your wedding dress, then you must look for shapewear that provides you with adequate support and coverage at the front. This backless and strapless Fashion Forms Backless Strapless Bodysuit does this job flawlessly.

As compared to the other bodysuits, this piece ensures immense support while being totally invisible. Despite being strapless and backless, this bodysuit provides unwavering support to your busts with padded cups and clear adhesive straps.

Apart from the amazing functionality, this shapewear also looks undeniably gorgeous. The unique and intricate lace detailing across the body and bust will make you fall in love at first sight. 

However, it can be tricky for brides who don’t know how to wear adhesive straps the right way. So, make sure to practice wearing it before your wedding day so that you can avail its amazing benefits to the fullest.

Best Shapewear with a Built-in Bra: Maidenform Women’s Slip with a Built-in Bra

Your wedding dress, your shapewear, and then your undergarments can be a lot of layers of clothing for many brides. How about finding shapewear that comes with a built-in bra? 

Maidenform Women’s Slip with a Built-in Bra is the answer for you!

Targeting most areas of your body in general, this shapewear provides you with amazing benefits. specially designed to shape up your tummy and back, this shapewear can boost your confidence in no time.

With other shapewear mentioned on this list, you usually have to wear a bra. However, that’s not the case with this shapewear, as it features a built-in bra. When we say bra, we mean a fully functional bra with an underwire! So, this bra is enough to provide adequate support to your busts.

You can wear this shapewear for a variety of bridal dresses, including open-back, ball gowns, full-sleeved gowns, and so on. However, this shapewear does not sculpt your silhouette very effectively. It simply provides you with coverage and support.

Best Breathable Shapewear: Spanx Shapewear for Women Thinstincts 

Not confident about how your lower body looks? If yes, then this SPANX Shapewear for Women is the perfect choice for you!

It targets your tummy, waist, and upper thighs while leaving the rest of your body free from the restriction of shapewear. You can think of it as a high-waist and figure-hugging shorts. It offers the perfect blend of firm compression and lightweight fabric, which can rarely be found in other regular shapewear. This feature allows you to be comfortable and in perfect shape at the same time.

Spanx is the flagbearer of good shapewear, especially for brides. Unlike other shapewear mentioned in this list, this is specifically engineered. keeping every minor detail in mind. The microfiber used here offers breathability and a soft feel against your skin. So, you can be sure of no uncomfortable pinching!

However, this shapewear only provides shaping support to your tummy and hips. So, there is not much coverage! 

Best Shapewear for Full Body Coverage: Maidenform Women’s Singlet Fajas Shapewear

If you are looking for shapewear that sculpts up your figure in the most flattering way, then this Maidenform Singlet Fajas Shapewear is the way to go!

It offers the best of everything! The maximum support and coverage of this shapewear allow you to flaunt your wedding dress beautifully. From the bra line to your thighs, this soft and seamless shapewear extends smoothly over your body. As a result, it shapes up your figure by hugging all the right places.

It features an open bust that allows you to wear your own bra for extra support. This fashion piece works with your bra to give your busts a natural lift and a better fit. It offers a 360-degree shaping, which is not available in any other shapewear on this list. 

The stretchy and soft material molds as per your unique body shape. This allows you to have the perfect shape without compromising on your comfort. Moreover, as it is a single piece, you will not have to worry about it slipping off or rolling down.

This is ideal shapewear for all brides out there. However, you cannot use it if you are wearing a strapless or off-the-shoulder wedding dress.

Features to Consider for Spanx for a Wedding Dress

Just like all your other bridal accessories, finding the right Spanx or shapewear can be an overwhelming task. There are many factors and features that you need to take into account when shopping for the ideal shapewear to wear under your wedding dress. Here are some of the top features to consider in a Spanx for a wedding dress.

Tan shapewear to give you more shape

Areas you want to Target

As you start looking for shapewear, you will come across a large variety of shapewear. The main thing that sets them apart from each other is the areas they target. Where some help with the sculpting of the tummy, others shape up your hips and thighs. You can also get shapewear to support and smooth your upper body.

Make sure to look for the one that targets the area you want to contour. We have mentioned some of the top shapewear in this guide that targets various areas of the body. Pick the one that fulfills your requirement.


You don’t want your guests or the groom to know that you’re wearing shapewear under your wedding dress. That’s why you should always opt for shapewear that is seamless.

Your shapewear should not be visible through your dress. You don’t want to see an underwear line in your wedding photos! So, make sure to choose a fabric and design that is seam-free and matches your wedding dress.

Overall Fit

How shapewear fits you decides how it will make you look! If the fitting of the shapewear you wear is not right, it will not only ruin the look of your wedding dress but will also cause discomfort and awkwardness.

When choosing the shapewear, make sure to follow your usual size. If you are not aware of your exact measurements, then it is best to get yourself measured. You can get the measurements yourself or ask an expert to do it for you. Many brides make the mistake of choosing a smaller size, hoping that it would make them look slimmer.

That never helps! In fact, smaller shapewear will cause bulges, roll down, and will make you feel very uncomfortable. Therefore, make sure to be very careful while choosing the size and fitting of your shapewear.


Shapewear comes in a variety of materials, styles, and compression levels. Make sure to look for the one that not only helps shape up your body but is also comfortable to wear.

Look for something that has lightweight and breathable fabric. Moreover, it should not make you feel restricted or cause painful pinching and squeezing. After all, you would want to drink, eat, dance, and enjoy your wedding day to the fullest.

So, always keep comfort a priority when buying the shapewear for your wedding dress.

Shapewear waistband that doesn't slip down

Your Wedding Dress Style

Bridal dresses come in a wide variety of styles, designs, and silhouettes. When you search for the shapewear for your wedding dress, make sure to consider your wedding dress style. 

The neckline of your innerwear must be in accordance with the neckline of your wedding dress. You don’t want your shapewear to be seen from your neckline.

If your wedding dress features a plunging neckline, then you should select deep-Vneck shapewear. If you’re wearing a strapless wedding dress, then you should consider strapless shapewear. For a backless wedding dress, choose backless shapewear, and so on.

Other things to take into account are the fabric, the silhouette, and the color of your wedding dress. If you have a figure-hugging wedding dress, make sure to get seamless shapewear. For mermaid gowns, look for shapewear that sculpts your hips and thighs.

In short, You need to ensure that none of the features of your shapewear contradicts your wedding dress.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it necessary to wear Shapewear under my wedding dress?

No, it is not necessary to wear shapewear under your wedding dress. It is not a requirement! It is completely optional and depends upon your personal choice. However, wearing shapewear under your wedding dress can provide you with many benefits, including extra coverage, support, and shape!

How do I find my Spanx size?

You can find your Spanx size quite easily and quickly. Just like all the other pieces of clothing, the fitting of shapewear also depends upon your body measurements. So, go with the sizes you normally follow in clothing. Once you know your precise measurements, you can quickly place your order.

If you are not sure about your measurements, you can visit any shapewear store and seek assistance.

Final Words

To rock your beautiful wedding dress gorgeously and flawlessly, you need to ensure that your undergarments are perfect.

A small bulge, a non-flattering silhouette, or inadequately supported breasts can ruin your whole bridal look. That’s where good shapewear comes in handy. It works under all styles of wedding dresses, providing you with added support and coverage.

We have discussed various different styles and designs of shapewear in this guide. Find the one that suits your wedding dress and enhance the overall look of your bridal dress effortlessly!

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