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What is the Best Wedding Dress Color for Pale Skin?

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When you start the exciting hunt for your wedding dress, you will have to keep a lot of things in mind. The most important features of any wedding dress are the fabric, the silhouette, and the color!

However, many brides underestimate the role of color in a wedding dress. That’s because they believe that white is white. That is not true at all! When it comes to wedding dresses, there is a broad spectrum of whites involved. You have to make sure that you choose the one that goes with your particular skin tone.

This guide is specially made for brides with pale or lighter skin shades. We have rounded up the best wedding dress color for pale skin. So, let’s begin right away.

Best Wedding Dress Color for Pale Skin

If you are a bride-to-be with pale skin, you’re in luck! That is because there is a beautiful variety of shades available for you.

We understand that you want a color that enhances your beautiful skin in a natural way. You want a color that pops up on your skin and gives a glowing finish to your bridal look. Here are some of the top wedding dress choices for brides with pale skin:

  • Ivory
  • Blush
  • Light gold
  • Champagne
  • Cream
Pale skinned bride wearing a white wedding dress

Ivory Wedding Dresses

When it comes to bridal fashion, ivory color is an undeniable favorite! It can make you look grounding and ethereal at the same time effortlessly.

An Ivory wedding dress is a go-to option for many brides. It is a universally accepted color for wedding dresses that goes with almost all skin tones. Ivory is often referred to as eggshell. If you have pale or fair skin, ivory wedding dresses will look great on you.

The yellow undertone of ivory color will give you a warm glow. This will keep your skin from appearing too flushed or saturated. This soft shade is perfect for getting an extra and beautiful pop of color on your big day.

The versatility of an ivory wedding dress is what makes it better than the other colors. It looks flawless irrespective of the wedding dress style that you opt for. From the classic ball gown to the contemporary mermaid cut – every wedding dress style works with ivory!

However, you have to be careful of the variation of ivory you pick. This color comes with different undertones, such as yellow and pink. Make sure to pick the one that doesn’t clash with your skin shade or undertone.

Blush Wedding Dresses

We understand that some brides are not totally about a white wedding dress! That is amazing, especially if you are a bride with pale skin. Adding a little color to your wedding gown will make your flawless skin pop out gorgeously. And a blush wedding dress does just that!

A blush wedding dress is one of the most trending and elegant additions to the wedding dress colors. This pastel shade of rose will give a lift to your skin and bring out your inner glow. Wearing a blush wedding dress on your big day will make you look ethereal and fresh.

As compared to the conventional colors of wedding dresses, a blush color is a lot more feminine and delicate. So, if you want to celebrate your day with a soft elegance, then this is just the right choice for you.

A blush wedding dress comes in varying shades of pink. So, you have to be watchful of the shade of your pick. Make sure to choose the one that goes perfectly well with your skin tone. For pale skin or a cool undertone, pick a pick that is grey or silver-based.

Light Gold Wedding Dresses

Another beautiful addition to the colors of wedding dresses is the light gold. All brides want to sparkle and shine on their big day. This amazing and gorgeous color makes that happen in the most mesmerizing way.

This shade adds a subtle glow of gold that brings out a unique and richer texture to your skin. This color works for all wedding dress styles. So, either you want a modern and short wedding dress or a traditional A-line wedding dress – you can get it in this unique color.

Many brides want to wear sheer and satin fabrics on their big day, which can be tricky in white color! That’s the best part about this color that sets it apart from the others. It makes the perfect combo with sheer and saint fabrics. If you want to stay light, airy, and comfy on your wedding day, then this color is perfect to go with sheer fabrics. 

Moreover, the shine of the gold color remains intact in all types of settings. However, one drawback of wearing a light gold wedding dress is you cannot add too much detailing or embellishments to this color. It may make your dress look gaudy and tacky as gold is already a glossy color.

So, if you want your wedding dress to have embellishments and intricate detailing, then wearing this color may not be the right choice for you.

Champagne Wedding Dresses

Champagne can look very similar to light gold. However, it has some slight differences, including a light gold hue.

This is a strikingly beautiful color that is still not very common for bridal dresses. However, it is becoming increasingly popular, particularly among brides with pale skin.

The soft hues of pink and gold of champagne color bring an incomparable elegance to your wedding dress. Moreover, it brings a balance to your pale skin by adding a rich depth to your look. A champagne wedding dress is a perfect choice for you if you want to make a memorable statement on your big day.

As opposed to the traditional shades of white, this unique champagne color gives you a dewy look. You can get this color in a variety of fabrics, including chiffon, silk, satin, or tulle. You can also give a touch of some other colors, such as white or ivory. This will provide more texture and detail to your wedding gown.

However, if you pick the champagne color, you will have to stray from the traditional white for your wedding dress. 

Cream White Wedding Dresses

All the colors that we have discussed above will help you stand out on your special day. However, when it comes to wedding dresses, white still holds its ground.

So, if you would like to stay traditional and wear a white wedding dress, make sure to pick the right shade of white. An extreme white can make your skin look dull, which you don’t want! The cream-white color is a favorite among brides with pale skin.

The slight yellow undertones of this beautiful color will give a regal glow to your skin. Moreover, the unique and slight whisper of gold adds a beautiful lift. Your gorgeous cool skin tone will look pearly and glowy in this beautiful shade of white.

This color is especially suitable for brides who are having an outdoor wedding. The rich and deep yellow hues make sure that you don’t look washed out under the sun. It will give you an incomparable glow once you step outside.

However, this color does not offer much versatility or flexibility. It does not look flattering in all wedding dress styles or fabrics.

How to Choose the Color for a Wedding Dress 

Deciding on the right color for your wedding dress can make a world of difference to how you look on your big day. Particularly for paler and lighter skin shades! Choosing the wrong shade can ruin your whole look. It can make you look washed out, dull, or even skin. You don’t want that on your wedding day.

So, here are a few things to keep in mind when looking for your dream wedding dress.

Know your Skin Shade

Your skin shade is the apparent color of your skin. Commonly known as your complexion, this is your actual skin color that is directly visible to the eye. The different skin shades or complexions include dark, brown, medium, olive, and fair skin.

When looking for the perfect wedding dress color, you should be aware of your skin shade and what works best for it. 

Know your Skin Undertone

Your skin undertone decides what color will look good on you. Many brides don’t know about their skin undertone as it is not the actual color you see on your skin. It refers to the deeper tint or color present within your skin. 

To find the perfect color for your wedding dress, it is essential that you know what the undertone of your skin is. There are various methods to identify your skin undertone. The easiest one is to look at the veins in your wrist. If your wrists have blue/purple veins, then you have a cool undertone or pale/fair skin.

If you have green color veins in your wrist, then your skin undertone is warm. If you are unable to tell the color of your veins, then you have a neutral skin undertone.

Consider the Lighting

It is incredible what lighting can do to the color of a wedding dress. You will see that the same dress looks different under different lighting. So, make sure to take lighting into account when shopping for your wedding dress.

It is best to try on your dress or examine the fabric in the most natural light. This will show you the actual color of the dress so that you don’t make any mistakes.

Colors to Avoid

Not all colors work for every skin! If you have pale skin or a cool skin tone, then there are certain colors that you should avoid for your big day.

Make sure to stay away from colors that are too bright and light. It is best to avoid bright white, such as stark and diamond white. They will make you look washed out, ruining your whole bridal look!

Final Thoughts

There you have it! A detailed guide on picking out the perfect wedding outfit for pale skin. As a general rule of thumb, you should remember to look for the colors that balance out your skin tone. So, warmer shades for brighter skin and lighter shades for warmer skin!

Nevertheless, the fabric, the detailing, the patterns, and the style can make a huge difference to the overall look of a wedding dress. So, don’t feel compelled to go with just the colors. Examine your options, prioritize your favorites, and then pick the one that suits you. 

Most importantly, the key is to choose the color that makes you feel your best! After all, you want to shine in your own unique way on your wedding day!

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