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5 Best Wedding Dresses for Big Arms

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Every woman dreams of a flawless and perfect wedding day. This includes having a dress that you feel confident in.

Whether you want to show off your beautiful features or hide some not-so-favorite parts, you can do it all with the right dress. Read on to find ideas for top wedding dresses for big arms.

Top Wedding Dresses for Big Arms

If you are a bride with big arms and are looking for wedding dress ideas to make your arms look flattering on your big day, then you are at just the right place. 

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Here, we will give you some top ideas for your wedding dress, along with how to carry them off. So, let’s begin the journey of finding ‘THE’ dress for your wedding.

Every bride likely experiences some body challenges when looking for their wedding dress. One such challenge includes big arms. However, you have nothing to worry about if you are a bride with big arms. There are several wedding dress options that you can wear that will flatter your body. Here are our top 5 best wedding dresses for big arms brides:

  • Long sleeved dresses
  • Dresses that drape over your shoulder
  • Illusion gowns
  • Dresses with puffy sleeves
  • Off the shoulder styles
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Long-Sleeved Gowns

When we say long-sleeved wedding gowns, we mean chic and modern sleeves that add an extra oomph to your wedding dress. Apart from the conventional plain-looking long sleeves, there are now various styles of full-sleeved wedding gowns. 

The first one that is popular among brides is the sheer sleeves style. They add extra style to your dress by giving a beautiful illusion. With the right fitting, apt detailing, and intricate embellishments, a sheer full sleeve can take your bridal look to the next level.

Another full-sleeved look that you can rock with big arms is the flared sleeves style. Keeping the sleeves fitted till the elbows and then flaring them out gives an exquisite shape to your arms. If you wish to make your arms appear slimmer, then this is the way to do it.

You can also wear a puffy full-sleeved wedding gown to give the look of a fairytale princess on your wedding day. Adding frills to your sleeves is another method through which you can camouflage your big arms in style! 

The best thing that makes a long-sleeved wedding gown stand out from other wedding dress styles is that it keeps you comfortable at all times. It keeps you from being conscious about your arms and lets you enjoy your day freely. Additionally, if you have a big chest and want a wedding dress to help support your bust and reduce back and shoulder pain, go for a sleeved option.

However, the covered-up look with full-sleeved gowns may not be great for summer weddings.

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Draped Wedding Dress

If you feel uncomfortable exposing your shoulder or upper arms, then wearing a stylishly draped wedding gown is the way to go. There are various contemporary as well as traditional styles to design a draped wedding dress.

One of the most popular ideas of a draped dress is to use a long veil or shawl to keep your shoulder covered. Another method is to attach a lacy drape around your shoulders and upper arms. You can make many modifications to this drape to make it sexier or elegant, depending on the bridal look you are going for.

Compared to a full-sleeved wedding dress, a draped wedding dress allows you to be less covered while providing you with a stylish wrapping for your arms. However, this style may not be as comfortable and easy to carry as other wedding attires. This is because you will have to manage an extra piece of clothing with your bridal dress.

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Illusion Wedding Dress

An illusion wedding dress has a sheer fabric covering all or some of the bride’s upper body. You can incorporate this style with a deep plunging neckline, a full-sleeved gown, a V-neck, and so on. This illusion is usually created with lacy or tulle. Plus, it gives you the look of a strapless dress while keeping your arms and upper body covered.

An illusion neckline is a fantastic option and is flattering on a variety of body types, from pear shaped brides to women with hourglass figures. If you want to stay comfy with your dress but also want to have the look of a modern bride, then this is the way to go. 

The best thing about an illusion wedding dress, as opposed to other styles, is that it provides you with coverage and, at the same time, allows you to look like a modern bride. In fact, this dress style can give you the illusion of a strapless dress. Yet, your arms and shoulders will be covered and supported beautifully.

Wedding Dresses with Frilly or Puffy sleeves

Puffy sleeves in a wedding dress are one of the most trendy and stylish ways of masking big arms. The puffiness and volume that a frilled or puffed sleeve brings conceal your arms in a beautiful manner. 

There are many types of variations that you can bring to a puffy-sleeved wedding dress. You can combine a cold-shoulder design with puffy sleeves. It means that your upper arm area remains bare while the rest of the arms remain covered.

You can also add embellishments and frills to a puffed sleeve in order to bring more life to it. Another variation can involve a butterfly sleeve. You can also opt for a puffy sleeve that only covers your upper arms and leave the rest exposed.

Puffy sleeves offer an old vibe, and they are timeless. They also add chicness and sophistication to your wedding dress. However, the puffy-sleeved wedding dresses are tricky to style and wear. There are only a few fabrics that are suited for puffy sleeves. Also, if you have a small chest, picking this style wedding dress might hide your small boobs too much, making you appear more flat chested than you are.

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Off-The-Shoulder Wedding Dress

If you believe that you cannot wear the classy off-the-shoulder wedding dress because of big arms, think again! In fact, this wedding dress style is one of the most suitable designs to go with. 

Off-the-shoulder gowns and dresses create a stunning and elegant silhouette, giving you a shapely and toned overall structure. By falling gorgeously on your upper arms, this dress style creates the perfect drape and covering for your arms. Moreover, the beautiful style of an off-the-shoulder dress gives you the look of a trendy and chic bride.

Compared to other wedding dress styles, an off-the-shoulder design is the safest choice for brides with big arms. That’s because they are easy to pull off, they provide sufficient coverage and support, and they help your arms look beautiful and strong. Plus, it suits almost all body types. 

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How to Choose a Wedding Dress For Chubby Arms

Now you know the best wedding dress styles for brides with big arms. There are various other things to consider when looking for a wedding dress.

Pick Comfortable Sleeves

You should always remember that you will be wearing your wedding dress for a long time. So, always make comfort your top priority. If you have chubby arms, you must ensure that you choose sleeves that are comfortable to wear. The comfort is ensured through the fabric, the fitting, and the length of the sleeves.

Wedding dress fabric plays a big role in the overall look and comfort of your wedding dress. With big arms or broad shoulders, you want to look for a fabric that is supportive and has some extra body, like satin. Such fabrics stick to your figure, giving you a well-fitted outfit. As a result, you have a well-toned and more structured silhouette.

On the other hand, if you go for a lightweight or airy fabric like chiffon or organza, you may end up having a more puffed-up look. Therefore, it is best to stick to flowy and supportive fabrics in order to look gorgeous and feel comfortable on your wedding day.

Styles to Avoid

There are so many cuts, fabrics, and styles when it comes to wedding dresses. However, not all styles suit everybody. There are certain styles that you should avoid if you have big arms. The styles to avoid include strapless dresses and sleeveless dresses. That’s because such dresses may bring focus to your arms.

Nevertheless, there are no rules when it comes to finding the right dress. Do your search, try on the dresses, and find the one that is made for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that being a bride is very intimidating and can raise many questions. That’s why we have tried to cover all aspects of wedding dresses for brides with big arms. Here are a few more common questions answered for you.

How Can I Hide My Big Arms in My Wedding Dress?

To hide your arms in a wedding dress, get a dress with sleeves. The best sleeve length for brides with big arms depends upon the area of the arm that you want to conceal.

If you want to hide your upper arm, you can opt for 3/4th sleeves. On the other hand, if you are not comfortable with exposing the lower area of your arm, then you can wear a gown with a cold-shoulder design. Other factors include the fabric and the cut of your wedding dress. 

What is the Best Style Wedding Dress for Broad Shoulders?

There are many great wedding dress styles for broad shoulders. Some of the top choices include a full-sleeved gown, a halter-neck dress, sweetheart neckline, deep plunging V-shaped necklines, and one-shoulder gowns.

Final Thoughts

Now you know how to style big arms on your wedding day. However, sleeveless or full-sleeved, lace or satin, whatever dress style you opt for, you should know that it all comes down to pulling it off. 

The key to a perfect wedding dress is its fitting, how it suits your body type, and how much confidence you exude wearing that dress. So, along with finding the right dress, be sure of yourself, know that you are beautiful, and never compromise on your comfort.

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