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Best Wedding Dresses for Big Busts

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Each wedding is special and has unique requirements. However, the one thing that is constant at every wedding is the importance of a bridal dress. Every bride desires to look perfect on her big day, which is ensured by finding the perfect dress.

If you have big busts, then finding the perfect dress may become stressful as there are so many things that you have to consider for finding the right support and fitting. 

Stress not! We will show you some of the best wedding dresses for big busts.

So, let’s look at the various styles of wedding dresses that work best with your particular body type gorgeously.

Top Wedding Dresses for Big Busts

You must know that finding the best dress for your wedding is not easy. Plus, when you have a tricky body part like big busts, it might become even more complicated. Big busts are what most women desire, but flaunting them the right way is a big challenge.

We understand that you want a wedding dress that provides ample support for your big busts while keeping you comfortable. Moreover, you would want to flaunt your beautiful bosoms in a classy yet stylish manner. Keeping all this in consideration, we have rounded up the 5 best wedding dress styles for big busts.

Big busted bride with a satin wedding dress

Off-Shoulder Wedding Gown

The off-shoulder wedding gown is one of the favorite dress choices when it comes to brides with full busts. That’s because it allows you to have enough support and coverage without making you feel covered up. 

Off-shoulder wedding gowns are classic when it comes to weddings. It allows you to flaunt your beautiful curves with chic and grace. Such gowns create a stunning silhouette for your gorgeous shape.

The best thing about off-shoulder wedding gowns, as compared to other styles, is that it provides your big busts with all the support it needs. So, with this style, you will not be feeling uncomfortable or conscious on your big day. Moreover, it gives you the perfect profile of a contemporary and chic bride. 

Even though off-shoulder style gives you the perfect silhouette, it may make your shoulders appear broader. Therefore, if your shoulders are already wide, then it is best to avoid an off-shoulder wedding dress. Moreover, this style of neckline needs to be altered perfectly for Big busts. If not fitted aptly, it may result in overexposure of the cleavage. Unlike, a v-neck or a strapped gown, this style does not have straps sitting on your shoulder, which may not provide enough support for Big busts.

So, if you want more support, then it is best to go for other styles, such as a ballroom gown or an illusion neckline wedding dress.

Trumpet Wedding Dress

It is your wedding day, thus, it should be all about you! So do not be hesitant in creating a dramatic and enhanced look with a trumpet wedding dress. This wedding dress style is perfect for big busts as it is designed specifically to accentuate your curves in a classical and elegant manner.

Trumpet wedding dresses are said to be a more elaborate version of the mermaid wedding dress style. It is essentially a fit-and-flare wedding dress that hugs your body all the way to the middle of your hip and then extends into a flared skirt. It is perfect for an hourglass body type, specifically for big busts.

Compared to other wedding dress styles, a trumpet wedding dress shows off your big busts and body shape in a complimentary manner. The fitted style enhances the loveliness of your full bust, while the flared-out bottom makes your silhouette appear regal and exquisite. Moreover, you can blend this style with almost any neckline you want without affecting the look of the dress.

However, the trumpet wedding dress is not suitable for those big-busted brides who have a plus-size figure. That’s because it snugs to your body at the waist and the hips, which may look unflattering. 

Corseted Wedding Dress

Corseted wedding dresses are one of the oldest styles for brides. Yes, it is a conventional look, but it never went out of style, and we wish that it never does. That’s because a corseted wedding dress is a dream for every bride, no matter the body type.

This wedding dress style gives you the perfect shape without making you feel uncomfortable on your big day. With a corset wedding dress, you will be able to flaunt your big busts and natural body shape in the most gorgeous and flattering way.

One of the best things about a corseted wedding dress that makes it a better choice than other styles is that it can be combined with almost any style you want. Be it a traditional ballroom wedding gown or a modern strapless dress, you can rock any style with a corseted bodice.

Corseted wedding dresses are great for big busts as they provide ample support. Yet, this snug fit can only be achieved if the bodice is tied up as per each body type. Hence, with this style, you have to be very particular about the fittings.

A-Line Wedding Dress

The A-Line wedding dress is certainly a go-to style for most brides, irrespective of their body type. That is because this silhouette is universally flattering that suits everybody, and goes well with almost all wedding themes. So, whether you are having a casual wedding party or a formal event, you can slip into an A-line wedding dress effortlessly.

The A-Line silhouette features a fitted bodice and snug waistline that opens up into a flared skirt below the waist, hence creating a shape of the letter ‘A.’ The figure-hugging bodice provides your full busts with that extra support it needs. Moreover, the cinch in the waist and the flared skirt enhance your elegant figure and give you an exquisite silhouette.

Another amazing feature of the A-Line wedding dress is its versatility, which makes it an outstanding choice over many other wedding attires. It works perfectly well with almost any neckline, fabric, and sleeve style. Be it a full-sleeved gown or a strapless one, thick straps or spaghetti straps, the traditional sweetheart neckline, or a plunging one, any look can be created with an A-Line wedding dress. 

You can enhance the beauty of your full busts with an A-Line wedding dress. A-line silhouette is ideal for most body types. However, if you want to flaunt your curves in a more enhanced way then this dress is not for you. That’s because the flowy bottom part of this style masks your lower body. So, if you want to show off your curves, then it is better to opt for a trumpet or mermaid style wedding gown

The Classic V-Neck 

The classic and timeless V-neck wedding dress is one of the best choices for brides with big bosoms. That’s because open necklines are designed specifically to show off your upper body, your neck, and your cleavage in a classy and gorgeous manner.

The V-neckline wedding dresses are ideal to elongate your overall silhouette and give a nice shape to your figure. Moreover, it not only helps give a decent amount of support to the busts, but it also gives a nice and firm lift to keep them in their place.

Bride with a big bust wearing a v-neck wedding dress

However, one of the things to take care of with a V-neckline is to make sure that it is not very deep and plunging. For big busts, a plunging V-neckline can expose too much of the cleavage, making you uncomfortable on your special day. On the other hand, a high V-neck can make large busts look droopy. Therefore, it is best to have a slight V-neck that sits right on top of your large busts.

One of the best things about a V-neck wedding dress is that it is highly feminine and elegant, which gives you the look of a fairytale princess effortlessly. 

How to Choose a Wedding Dress for a Large Chest

With a large chest, you want to look for a wedding dress that not only provides you with the right amount of support and coverage but also makes you feel comfy. Moreover, the dress should also have the perfect fitting and works with your particular body type. Most importantly, it should make you feel beautiful. 

In short, there are a lot of things that should be considered when you are on the hunt for the perfect wedding dress. Following are some tips on selecting the perfect wedding dress for big busts.

Look at the Neckline

No matter the body type you have, the neckline is certainly one of the most critical aspects of the perfect wedding dress. And, for large busts, it becomes even more important. That’s because your neckline decides how you want to flaunt one of the most beautiful assets of your body gracefully.

When you look for your wedding dress, it is necessary that you opt for a neckline that helps you boost the beauty of your breasts while providing sufficient support. Some of the necklines that are perfect for big busts include a squared neckline, off-the-shoulder neckline, sweetheart neckline, a modest V-neck, and the illusion neckline.

Apart from all of these necklines, you can also rock a strapless dress with your big busts. Make sure that the fitting is right so that the dress may not look indecent or improper.

Opt for the Right Silhouette

When searching for the perfect wedding dress for large busts, the entire silhouette and structure of the dress matter. There are various wedding dress silhouettes or styles that go beautifully with big busts. However, you have to pick the one that goes well with your specific body type.

If you have a slender lower body with full busts (an inverted triangle body type), then the A-line ball gown wedding dresses are the perfect choice for you. If you have an hourglass body with big busts, big hips, and a slim waist, then a mermaid gown is certainly the way to go. If you are a plus-size bride, then go for an empire waist gown or an A-line silhouette. 

Choose The Right Fabric

The fabric plays a vital part in how your dress looks on your body. Where some fabrics tend to enhance your profile, others may make it look unflattering and awkward. Therefore, you should always be watchful of the fabric while finding your dream wedding dress. 

However, the choice of fabric is not a difficult task for brides with big busts. That’s because almost every fabric works for them. Be it chiffon, satin, crepe, or lace, you can choose any fabric you want.

Styles to Avoid

If you have big busts, then you are certainly one lucky bride. That is because there is a wide variety of wedding dress styles that work for your beautiful curves. Still, there are a few detailings, styles, and necklines that you must avoid to remain comfortable throughout your event.

Brides with big busts should not opt for a deep-plunging neckline as it may edge on to look vulgar and also make you feel uncomfortable. Other necklines to avoid are high-necks and halter-neck styles. Such necklines will hide your beautiful busts and will also make your figure appear unflattering. You should also avoid fabrics with big patterns or too many embellishments in the upper body area as they may create awkward accents.

Final Thoughts

Finding that one perfect dream wedding dress is never easy. We hope that all of these suggestions and recommendations help make it easier for you. However, it all comes down to what look you want to carry off on your big day. So, always listen to your inner voice while searching for your wedding dress.

Listen to your heart, find the dress that suits your body type, and wear it with confidence and happiness. Trust us, you will feel and look like the prettiest bride ever!

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