Best Wedding Dress for a Small Bust

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Ask a bride, and she will tell you that the most important thing for her, apart from the groom obviously, is the wedding dress.

Picking out the perfect dress for your big day can be a very exciting experience. However, it can also be quite nerve-racking, especially if you don’t know which style suits your body type. Understanding what works for you will help you make a perfect choice more easily and quickly.

If you want the best wedding dress for a small bust, then you are at the right place. We have gathered the top 5 choices for brides with petite figures and a small bust. So, let’s find the dream dress for your big day.

Top Wedding Dresses for a Small Bust

While a small bust can sometimes be seen as a negative, in the world of wedding dresses, it’s actually a big perk. That is because you can get away with almost any style of wedding dress. Be it the traditional wedding attires or modern gowns, there is a wide array of styles that goes with your body type.

Yes, you can pull off almost anything with that small bust. However, there are a few standout wedding dress styles that are designed specifically for your body type. If you are looking for the best wedding dress for a small bust, then you are at the perfect spot. Here are our top 5 choices of wedding dresses for small busts.

Backless Wedding Dress

Backless wedding dresses are one of the most popular choices among brides with small chests. They are sensual, sultry, and attractive in a very classy way. It will pull the focus from the front and bring chicness and style to your back. Moreover, a backless dress gives a nice structure to your figure by hugging well with your silhouette.

Having a small bust, you do not need to worry about adequate support or proper innerwear. That is the reason why backless wedding gowns fit better with petite figures as compared to bigger busts. You can easily rock a backless wedding dress while looking graceful and sexy at the same time.

Moreover, the level of comfort and airiness a backless wedding dress brings to a bride can not be achieved by other dress styles. Brides with smaller busts can don a backless wedding dress effortlessly without having to worry about wearing a bra. You can combine a backless dress with a corseted body for better fitting.

So, if you want to look sultry and graceful both, and that too while staying comfy, a backless wedding gown is certainly the way to go. 

Off-the-Shoulder Dress

A wedding dress with an off-the-shoulder design looks good on most body types. However, it is exceptionally flattering for brides with a smaller chest. That is because, with petite breasts, you can pull off this neckline in a more graceful way and without edging on to the vulgar side.

An off-the-shoulder wedding dress will reveal the upper portion of your chest, pulling the focus on your well-toned shoulders and the delicate silhouette. Where a bigger busted bride may have to worry about too much skin exposure or a double boob situation, brides with small busts can pull off this look effortlessly and beautifully.

Unlike other necklines that tend to give a monotonous look, an off-the-shoulder dress can be designed in a variety of ways. You can keep the neckline simple and traditional, add ruffles to it, make it lacy, and so on. 

In addition to the variety of necklines, you can also add different styles of sleeves with your off-the-shoulder look. From cap-sleeves to figure-hugging long sleeves, or even sleeveless, an off-the-shoulder wedding attire can give you many options to choose from.

Mermaid Style Gowns

Mermaid style gowns allow you to show off and accentuate your curves gorgeously. So, if you want to highlight the beauty of your small bust and showcase your feminine curves in a sensual way, then mermaid style wedding gowns are the perfect choice for you.

By emphasizing your waist and hips, this dress will give you a really stunning and shapely silhouette. No matter the size of your chest, this feminine dress style will add curves and structure to your figure.

When the figure-hugging bodice meets with the flaring out bottom of the gown, it creates an exquisite and elegant profile for you.

Another bonus point that comes with a mermaid style wedding gown is the large variety of styling options. You can combine this style with any neckline you want. Whether you want to have a strapless dress or halter, it pairs nicely with a mermaid gown.

This contemporary dress is equally ideal for modern and conventional brides with small busts.

Sweetheart Neckline

A sweetheart neckline wedding dress is one of the favorite styles when it comes to small busted brides. That’s because it enhances the look of your chest by exposing more skin in a classy manner.

With a sweetheart neckline, the line around your bust is softened, creating a more sultry and well-defined shape. Even though it is a traditional style, the sweetheart neckline has never gone out of style and never will, fingers crossed.

A common misconception about sweetheart necklines is that they are for women with big breasts. On the contrary, these necklines are specifically designed for small busts as it gives a well-rounded shape and pumped up look, giving a more exaggerated and dramatic look to your breasts.

Corset Wedding Dress

One of the oldest attires for women, particularly brides, is a corset. We have all seen period dramas where women have been seen sliding into a corset. There is a reason why this centuries-old piece of clothing is still in fashion. It gives a perfect shape to all body types.

If you want your bust to appear fuller and bigger, then you should opt for a corseted wedding dress. A corset uplifts your breasts, making them larger and fuller-looking. Plus, a corset dress not only enhances your bust, but it also improves your overall silhouette.

Many people believe that corsets are uncomfortable to wear. Well, it may be somewhat uncomfortable for brides with heavier busts, but not for those on the smaller side. So, if you want to add more volume and shape to your upper body on your big day, then a corseted wedding dress is the perfect choice for you.

How to Choose a Wedding Dress for a Small Bust

Now that you know the best dress choices for brides with small busts, let’s take a look at how you can make a perfect choice. There are multiple things to consider and several things to avoid in order to have that one perfect dress. 

Look at the Neckline

Necklines in a wedding gown can make a world of difference to your entire bride look. Particularly, when it comes to small busts and petite figures, choosing the correct neckline can give you any look you want easily.

Necklines are the most important detail that must be considered when looking for a wedding dress. With modest busts, you do not need to worry about problems like “falling out” or “double boobs” situations. Therefore, there are many neckline options that are suitable for you.

The choice of neckline you make for your wedding dress depends greatly on the look you want to have as a bride. Luckily, almost every neckline will work for you. From the traditional sweetheart neckline to the deep plunging neckline, you can pick pretty much any type.

You only need to make sure that you pick the one that helps you achieve your desired bridal look. If you want to have a covered look, you can go for a high-neck or buttoned V-neck wedding dress.

For a more contemporary and chic look, you can opt for a strapless or one-shoulder dress. If you want a sexy look, then a deep and plunging neckline is the best choice for you.

In short, when it comes to necklines for small busts, there are a large variety of options that you can choose from.

Cinch in Your Waist

If you have a small chest and want to give off the illusion that it’s bigger, one way to do this is by selecting a dress that cinches in your waist. By making your waist smaller than your chest, it gives you an hourglass figure, which also naturally makes your chest appear larger!

If you choose a wedding dress with a corset-style top that ties in the back rather than buttons, this gives you complete flexibility in how much you want to cinch in your waist. As you lace up your dress, be mindful of how tight you make it though – you still want to be able to comfortably sit, eat, and drink throughout the day!

Style to Avoid

Although you can pull off almost anything with your small bust and petite figure, there are a few dress styles that are best to avoid. When looking for your wedding dress, make sure not to opt for dresses that are designed specifically to emphasize your chest.

For example, deep plunging necklines are best for women with fuller chests. While you can still pull them off with a flat chest, most wedding dresses with these design elements tend to look more flattering on women with more cleavage.

Frequently Asked Questions

It is natural to have questions when it comes to choosing the perfect wedding dress! Here are a few more of the common questions answered regarding brides with small busts.

What Neckline is Best for Small Busts?

The best neckline for women with small busts is a slight sweetheart shape. This gives the appearance of a fuller chest without having too much of a plunging neckline. One of the various benefits of modest breasts is that they can make almost any neckline look good, ranging from an off-the-shoulder neckline to even a turtleneck. 

Can I Wear a Strapless Wedding Dress with Small Boobs?

Yes, you can wear a strapless wedding dress with small boobs. Strapless wedding dresses are one of the most popular dress styles in general, and they work well for women with small chests. Just be sure that the dress you pick doesn’t compress your chest too much, because it will give off the illusion that you are flatter than you are. 

Final Thoughts

Finding the perfect wedding dress is a stressful job and can make any bride nervous. However, no matter the style of the dress, it all comes down to how well you pull it off.

Whether you choose a plunging neck or a high-neck, a flowy skirt, or a cinched waist gown, the key to pulling off any wedding dress is confidence!

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