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Best Beatles Wedding Songs

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Not many bands are as iconic and timeless as The Beatles. Though they were mainly only active for 10 years, they have left an irreplaceable impression in the music world. Their songs just never get old and are still popular among people of all ages.

The wedding songs by The Beatles are some of the most popular all across the world. They have many tunes that are perfect for wedding celebrations. These songs are crowd-pleasers, having something for every aspect of the wedding. 

Want to know the best Beatles wedding songs? Then, scroll down to find our top favorites.

What are the Best Beatles Wedding Songs?

From the time your guests enter the venue till the end of the reception, there is a perfect Beatles song for every moment. Be it you walking down the aisle, the ceremony, the dances, or the reception – you can easily elevate any of your wedding moments with the right Beatles wedding song.

We have built this guide to help you pick the perfect Beatles song for every moment of your wedding. Use the right song for the right event and bring your whole wedding party together effortlessly.

Bride and groom at Twin Oaks House for wedding ceremony

Best Beatles Wedding Songs for the Ceremony

The ceremony is certainly the most important part of a wedding. You need songs for the various stages of a ceremony, such as the walks down the aisle, the vows, exchange of the rings, and more. Picking the right song for the right moment is absolutely crucial.

The Beatles help us with just the perfect song for every part of the ceremony. Below are the best Beatles wedding songs that you and your guests could vibe to during the ceremony.

I Will

This is a timeless love song that is ideal to be played during the ceremony. It beautifully talks about love, which is the essence of a wedding. ‘I Will’ by the Beatles is a song that describes patience, commitment, and an everlasting romance. It is all about finding that special someone you want to spend the rest of your life with.

Oh! Darling

This is another Beatles song that is perfect for the ceremony. The ceremony is all about making promises and vows to your spouse, and this song does that beautifully. ‘Oh! Darling’ is a pledge that your partner will never hurt you or do you wrong. It is an assurance that you will remain by each other’s sides forever. 

I’ve Just Seen a Face

This beautiful and soulful song by The Beatles is another great song for the initial stages of the ceremony. You can ideally play it while the bride walks down the aisle. This song is all about the beginning of a new relationship, which makes it perfect for the ceremony. 


One of the most anticipated and stunning moments of a wedding is when the bride walks down the aisle. It is a time when the groom feels a multitude of emotions, and all those feelings can be perfectly expressed with this song. ‘Something’ is a romantic track that explains the attraction a groom feels towards his partner. This song draws a tear.

I Wanna Be Your Man

If you want to give an extra dash of emotions to your vows, then play this amazing song by The Beatles during the ceremony. This is a commitment from a man to the love of his life. It describes how the groom wants to be her man and lover like no other. It is one of the best love songs, which is perfect for a wedding ceremony.

I Want To Hold Your Hand

This is a quintessential wedding song by The Beatles, which plays really well at a wedding ceremony for obvious reasons. It soulfully describes how your partner wants to hold your hands, now and forever. In a wedding ceremony, this song does not only speak about the romantic gesture of holding hands, but the commitment of taking each other’s hand in marriage.

Two of Us

This beautiful love song by The Beatles is too adorable and lovely not to incorporate into your wedding. It is a sweet love song that can fit anywhere in your wedding. However, it is ideal for playing before or during the ceremony as it talks about what the future holds. 

Best Beatles Wedding Songs for Cocktail Hour

Music played during the cocktail hour should be a good mix of upbeat and mid-tempo songs. It should make your guests happy and enjoy a joyous wedding vibe. When it comes to cocktail hour music, you cannot go wrong with any popular Beatles song. 

The list of best Beatles wedding songs for cocktail hour is endless. Below are some of the top cocktail hour picks for you.

Love Me Do

It is a sweet, happy, and simple love song. It has a very cheery and joyous vibe, which makes it a great choice for the cocktail hour. It is also a short song. So, you can even play it as a transition song while your guests make their way from the ceremony to the cocktail hour.

Across the Universe

This is another great song by The Beatles that can add a serene and peaceful vibe to your cocktail hour. With dreamy lyrics and sway-worthy melody, ‘Across the Universe’ will certainly make your cocktail hour a lot more groovy and pleasant.

Eight Days A Week

It is one of the most endearing songs by The Beatles. Although you can play it during multiple stages of your wedding, it is just perfect for the cocktail hour. That’s because it is a fun-filled jam that sounds great at the cocktail hour. Plus, it delivers the message of constant love that is right on theme.

Can’t Buy Me Love

This song by The Beatles makes a great addition to your wedding playlist, especially for the cocktail hour. That’s because it is a peppy, lively, and energetic song. Moreover, it shares the message of true love, which is the essence of a wedding day.


Playing ‘Blackbird’ by the Beatles is a great way to get your event going. It has soft and ambient music, which makes it amazing for the cocktail hour. This is a happy, cheery, and light-hearted track. It will not get your guests dancing, but will certainly get them groovy and in the mood.

When I’m Sixty Four

This evergreen song by The Beatles is created such that it brings a genuine smile to everybody’s faces. It has a fun energy that would make everybody get into a happy and groovy mood for the upcoming reception. Moreover, it talks about lifelong commitments and love, which is what a wedding day is all about.

All My Loving

‘All My Loving’ is another classic love song by the Beatles that is all about giving love to someone special. This song has a rambling beat and a cheerful vibe, which make it sound amazing at the cocktail hour. It exudes the perfect blend of sweetness and playfulness that would make your guests have a big smile on their faces.

All You Need is Love

This has to be the ultimate Beatles wedding song with the vibe of happy love. It speaks about how you can achieve anything with pure love. Moreover, the chorus and the melody are impossible not to sing along to. All in all, it is a cheerful, happy, and upbeat song. All these qualities make it perfect for cocktail hour.

Best Beatles Wedding Songs for the Reception

You are done with the ceremony, the vows, and the formalities of a wedding. Now is the time to have fun with your family and friends as a newly married couple. The reception of a wedding is an auspicious and happy occasion filled with various exciting moments. These moments include toasts, dinner, first dance, other dances, cake cutting, and so on.

Bride dancing during the reception with bridesmaids

You need the right background music to elevate the feel of each of these moments, and The Beatles will never disappoint you. Below are some of the top favorite Beatles songs for a wedding reception.

Got to Get You into My Life

This track sets a festive mood for your entrance in the reception. It talks about all the risks that come with love and how a person overcomes them all to find that one special person. Hence, the perfect song to bookmark that you now have each other forever. Besides being an entry song, you can also use it for the first dance or cake-cutting.

Here Comes the Sun

This is another ideal choice for the newly wedded couple to make a grand entrance at their reception. The iconic Beatles guitar riff in the intro instantly builds a happy and warm vibe throughout the party. Your guests won’t help but clap and cheer for you as you make your way into the reception.

Good Day Sunshine

This is another great option for an entrance song. It is a perfect choice for you if you and your spouse have a light and intimate wedding ceremony. It is sweet, simple, and helps spread positive energy across your wedding. Make your grand entrance with this song and kick off your reception on a high note.

Here There and Everywhere

Are you looking for a great Beatles song for the first dance? If so, then this is one of the best options. It features sweet, romantic, and soulful lyrics that are all about love and intimacy. The slow music is perfect for swaying while holding your partner close to you.

Do You Want to Know a Secret

If you are a cool and fun couple with a modern wedding theme, then you might want an upbeat song for your first dance. ‘Do you want to know a secret’ is a slightly upbeat song with the most romantic lyrics. In fact, it is like a love message from one lover to another, confessing their love for each other.

Take Good Care of My Baby

One of the most emotional and heart-gripping moments of any wedding reception is the father-daughter dance. There are so many feelings involved in this dance that all of them cannot be expressed in words. This song does the trick wonderfully. It says all that the bride’s father wants to say in the most beautiful way. 

In My Life

Another sentimental moment of the reception is the mother-son dance. This Beatles song is perfect for that wonderful moment and will make it even more memorable. Although the lyrics can be described as romantic, it says that no one compares to her son. Playing this song for the groom’s dance with his mother will make everyone feel nostalgic.

Come Together

This song by The Beatles is the epitome of cool and fun. It is easy for people to dance to, which makes it the perfect choice to get your dance floor started. The energetic tune and the joyous vibe of this song make everybody feel comfy and right at home. This classic is especially suitable for weddings with a casual and laid-back theme.   

Twist and Shout

No list of Beatles Wedding Songs can be complete without this timeless track. It is a wedding favorite for a reason, and definitely a must-have in your wedding’s playlist. It is perfect to be played towards the end of your reception as it is all about dancing and having fun. 

A Hard Day’s Night

This Beatles song is just the perfect way to end the most memorable night of your life. It is high in energy, and everybody knows the words. It will make your guests sing along and dance their hearts out on the dance floor. End the night with this Beatles banger to keep up the energy of your guests for the last song. 

Final Words

The Beatles Wedding songs are timeless. They are romantic, sweet, soulfully written, and deeply intimate. They perfectly express and reflect all the emotions that a wedding day is all about. Moreover, their songs are equally loved by people of all ages. All in all, you can never go wrong with a Beatles playlist for your special day.

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