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How to Pick Shoes for a Wedding Dress

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An essential part of completing your bridal look is the shoes.

Some brides find it to be a fashion quest as they cannot find a beautiful and comfortable pair. Despite your priorities, your wedding shoes play a significant role in how you look. It is vital to determine a good pair, and this is where we can help you.

How to Pick Shoes for a Wedding Dress

If you’re not sure where to start when it comes to picking the right shoes to go along with your dress and style, take a look at the tips below.

Detail photo of the bride's sparkly wedding shoes and earrings

Know Your Bridal Style

It is less likely that you will purchase the shoes and the gown from the same store. Therefore, you should remember the style of your gown as you look across the aisles at the shoe store. Along with this, you should be clear about the look you want to achieve.

Pay attention to all the adornments on your gown that will complement your footwear. Any additions like the lace or stones could make a difference in your final choice.

Research Your Options

Several factors can influence your bridal shoes. These include the budget, the venue, and your height. Plus, you should also know what is trending and what is not before you start to shop.

It is always a good idea to do your homework before entering a shoe store. When you are well-prepared, you know what you are looking for, and this will narrow your search. It takes less time and improves the final look.

Closed or Open Toe?

This is one of the most commonly asked questions when you enter a store to buy wedding shoes. The preferences of brides may vary according to the season and event theme. For example, a closed shoe works well for cold climates, and an open-toe shoe works for the warm season.

The theme of your wedding can also create a difference. For instance, the close-toe shoes work for a black-tie wedding. The comfort and overall style of the bride are also important. Remember that you will be spending hours in these shoes. Opting for an uncomfortable style that looks good will be a decision you might regret later.

Determine the Heel Size

Your height has a huge role to play when scanning the heel sizes. Typically, a flat shoe is the best option if you want enhanced comfort during the wedding. However, some people find it better to maintain their posture when wearing heels.

Bride putting on her open toed heels on her wedding day

If you cannot wear heels for hours, go for flats or wedges. You must also pay attention to the location of your wedding. An outdoor wedding may have a grassy area or another terrain that requires a different type of shoe. Heels are good when you walk down the aisle in a church or a ballroom. You will not feel equally graceful when walking in heels on the beach or a gravel pathway.

It would also help if you also considered investing in a wedding bootie. These are a mixture of heels and flats. They also offer more flexibility with the location.

Try Different Colors

The color of shoes relies on the final look you want to achieve. Traditional brides who wish to sport a classic look will choose pastel tones like ivory, champagne, or even white. Meanwhile, those set for a modern vibe will opt for silver and metallic options.

A playful combo from the blue range, varying from topaz or sapphire shades, can also bring a royal touch.

Make Swift Decisions

You don’t have to wait till the last day to buy your shoes. Instead, it would be best to look for them during your dress-selection days. Before the day of your dress try-out and alterations, the pair should be with you.

This practice allows you to get a picture of the final look. Your dressmaker also needs the height of your shoes to determine the length of the gown. Don’t leave any stones unturned when you go for the final try-out, which can impact your appeal on the big day.

Create a Budget Plan

Budget is one of the fundamental factors of the game. Going beyond the budget limit is not preferred by many brides. This is particularly important to consider when there are rare chances of using these shoes in the future.

Wedding shoes can be expensive. You should be looking at an affordable store. And before you step in, determine how much you will be spending. A budget limit is necessary because it helps narrow the search and find the perfect pair for your special day.

Prepare an Alternative

Let us tell you a secret tip – brides should always have an extra pair of shoes. This is because the chances of a sudden change in season or a shoe disaster are always there. So, it would be best if you had an alternative plan right there.

You can wear heels during the ceremony and switch to flats during the reception. Sometimes, a drastic change in weather can change the whole scenario. A rain, for instance, can create mud and soggy grass that is difficult to walk on.

Or there is a chance of snow if you live in a cold climate. Keep an appropriate pair like furry winter boots. Such footwear also looks funky in the photos!

To sum it up, it is always smart to have a backup plan. Even if the chosen bridal pair is beautiful and expensive, you can’t risk your big day.

Browse for the Best

The temptation to buy that first beautiful pair in the store may be too high. However, making an impulsive decision may lead to regret later. You should be shopping around for the shoes, just as you did in the case of your gown.

You may find a good and more affordable pair if you browse the stores. Many retailers also have online stores with an extensive collection. Begin your search from the virtual pages and keep reading the reviews. Knowing brides’ experiences before you will help you make an informed decision.

Put Your Comfort First

People always focus on the style. Imagine if your feet are sore after hours of sporting a pair. How would you feel? The pain may continue for days and keep you miserable when you should be the happiest.

As mentioned earlier, the higher the heel, the more discomfort. It may allow you to waltz like a diva on the dance floor, but a few hours of this will result in ultimate pain. Go for adjustable shoes with a manageable heel and provide enough room for the feet.

Converse wedding shoes with a sunflower on them

Don’t Commit Before You Try

Scanning the online stores is just the beginning. It would be best if you did not opt for an online purchase of the wedding shoes. This will be the pair that you will put on for hours. You should go the extra mile and try it out as much as you can. Check if you can walk properly and dance well.

Even if you are borrowing shoes from a friend, you should ask them to let you try them out. Not all styles are made for everyone. Your gown, venue, and height requirements may be different. Hence, committing to someone may be a regretful decision later.

Final Thoughts

Your wedding is the day when you want everything to be pitch-perfect. The choice of shoes can create a big difference in how you look. Don’t feel hesitant, and take your time. This day will not return, and you will be looking at the photos for years to come.

Take all the measures about how to pick shoes for a wedding dress, and you will surely find a pair that elevates your appearance!

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