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How to Find Out the Designer of a Wedding Dress

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Found your bridal fashion soulmate? Would you love to know how you can pull off a look just like theirs?

It can be frustrating to get your eyes on a perfect bridal dress online just to realize that the website does not mention the designer who created it. It can be a pain to scroll along with the sites and fail to find the designer!

If you are about to give up and decide to scan the physical stores, you should follow these tips on how to find out the designer of a wedding dress. The steps mentioned below might help you find the designer who crafted the dress you can’t get your eyes off.

How to Find Out the Designer of a Wedding Dress

You should search online and evaluate your preferences first to find the designer of your favorite wedding dress. Check out the following methods!

Use Google

When you question that Google-ing this question is to no avail, it makes sense. However, I’ll share a secret tip: click on Google.com and scroll to the images tab. Before typing anything, tap on a small camera button at the side.

This is where you have to upload the photo of the dress you loved or paste its URL (you can easily screenshot the dress and then upload it). Google will now work its magic and identify where that dress is seen on the web. There’s a good chance that in doing this, the designer’s site will be one of the results, or one of the results will actually share the designer name!

Ask in Facebook Groups

Another trick to finding out the wedding dress designer is through Facebook Groups. There are plenty of online forums where people discuss the new trends. Browse the search bar for the most reputable groups and join them. You will get access to people with tons of knowledge, and you can discuss your questions with them.

You can also post a photo of the dress in these groups and ask people what they think. Someone in the group might know who the designer is when they see it, or they might know other designers who have similar styles to the type of dress you are looking for! FB groups can be a treasure trove of information.

Look on Pinterest

You can also discover the designer of a particular dress by scanning on Pinterest. Many designers have crafted beautiful patterns and posted them on their websites. If they or any of their fans posted those photos on Pinterest, you would be able to find the name of this designer. 

Pinterest is one of the most valuable places to follow trends. You can scan for different designers and understand the current and upcoming trends. You can also find out the names of the designers to see who has designed a dress you have always had your eyes on. 

Bring the Photo to a Bridal Store

The design consultants at the bridal stores are your best shot at understanding who has designed the dress. Given that they are in the field, they have all the knowledge about the designs and their pioneers. You can bring the photos and ask them who created this dress.

This is also your chance to ask them what they think about this design. Ask if this silhouette will look flattering on your body type and if it is trending nowadays. Their response could help you decide if you go with a particular dress or look for other styles.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully this helps you in finding out the designer of dresses you love when the designer is not listed! Googling or asking in Facebook Groups is a great place to start, and then if you are not having much luck there, check on Pinterest or with a bridal consultant when you start your bridal dress shopping in person.

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