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What is the Best Way to Store a Wedding Dress?

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Congratulations! You are about to become a bride. You have found the perfect dress, and now you are just waiting for the big day. Your designer has done everything to give you the dress of your dreams. Now you have it with you and have to keep it safe till you get to wear it and walk down the aisle.

The key to keeping your dress well-protected is to store it the right way. Yes, there is a right and a wrong way to store your wedding dress. Here, we will tell you all about the best way to store a wedding dress. Using these storing strategies will keep your dress picture perfect.

Best Way to Store a Wedding Dress

It must have taken a lot of your time and effort to find the perfect wedding dress. So, it is essential that nothing happens to it before or even after your wedding day. To ensure that, you need to store it properly. 

There are various factors that can ruin the look of your wedding dress. So, your storage method should be efficient enough to protect it from all those factors. Moreover, wedding dresses also occupy a lot of space, which can cause wrinkles. However, storing them correctly can also prevent that from happening. 

This guide will tell you how to keep your wedding dress as good as new. So, let’s begin without any further delay.

Store in a Dark Place

Even though you want to show off your wedding dress, it is best to be patient and wait till your wedding day. That’s because exposing the dress, particularly the fabric, to sunlight can cause some serious damage to your wedding dress. And no brides want that, especially not before the wedding.

That is why make sure to store your wedding dress in such a way that it is not exposed excessively to the sunlight. It can fade the color of your wedding dress fabric. It can even give a bleaching effect to your brand new dress. Moreover, the beautiful embellishments and patterns can also discolor if not protected from the sunlight.

By following a few simple storage steps, you can safeguard your beautiful wedding dress from the disastrous effects of sunlight. Make sure to store it in a dark place such as a closet or any other spacious storage area. To be extra careful, you can also cover your dress with a garment bag or a cover so that no sunlight falls upon it whatsoever.

Place in a Cool and Dry Environment

Moisture can be a nightmare for your beautiful wedding dress. It can cause irreparable damage! So, it is very important to keep it protected from any moisture or potential water damage,

If your dress gets exposed to water or even a humid environment, it can really harm your dress! Water exposure can cause water stains, mildew stains, mold, and brown oxidation spots. Well, that’s scary! In order to avoid that, make sure to store your wedding dress such that it does not get in touch with any water or moisture.

Firstly, make sure to keep your dress in a cool and dry environment. Moreover, the space where you store your dress must have a controlled temperature. This will make sure that any humid air does not have access to your wedding dress.

Another thing is to ensure that your dress stays away from any water sources or potential leakages. There should be no open windows or doors near your wedding dress as it can cause rainwater to get inside. 

Many brides store their wedding dresses in the basement or the attic. This can be a huge mistake because of the humid and warm environment. In addition, the basements usually have a high risk of flooding. No bride wants to see her wedding dress soaked in water. So, avoid storing your wedding dress in such spaces.

Storing your wedding dress in plastic can also cause moisture to accumulate on your dress. Not to mention the smell it can cause. So, avoid a plastic covering as well. Instead, store your wedding dress in a porous and breathable bag.

Use the Dress Hanger Loops

Wedding dresses come in a large variety of styles, designs, and silhouettes. Some of the most popular styles include off-the-shoulder, strapless, ball gowns, mermaid gowns, and so on. Each of these silhouettes is made according to the bride’s measurements. 

Moreover, the heavy fabrics and embellishments make the silhouette even more delicate. And if you fail to store it correctly, it may get stretched! No bride wants that! If a wedding dress gets stretched, it will ruin its whole silhouette and style.

Thankfully, there are many storage and handling measures that can easily keep your dress from stretching. Do not hang your dress from the straps or sleeves. Every wedding dress is created with hanger loops present on the inside. Make sure to hang your dress by those loops. The number of these loops is according to the weight of your dress. So, make sure to use all the loops in order to support your dress’s weight.

If your dress is very heavy, it is best not to hang it.  That’s because heavier dresses are more likely to get stretched and deshaped. So, it is best to store a heavy wedding dress on a horizontal surface. The correct way to do it is to lay your dress on a flat surface, cover it with a breathable garment bag, fold it gently, and then keep it on a horizontal surface inside your closet.

Choose the Right Garment Bag

There are various storage tools and organizers to keep your wedding dress safe and secure. One of the best tools to store your wedding dress is a garment bag. You simply have to make sure that you pick the right garment bag for your dress, and the rest will be taken care of by the bag itself.

To store your wedding dress, make sure to find the garment bag that suits the needs of your dress. If your dress is long, you should find a large garment bag. If you have a long train or wide skirt, then your garment bag should have a broad and spacious gusset to keep your dress safely.

The garment bag for your wedding dress should be breathable yet protective. Thus, your dress is able to breathe but is protected from dirt, dust, and other external factors. Once you have found the right garment bag and stored your dress property in it, you would not have to worry about it at all.

Remove Wrinkles with Care

Getting wrinkles on a wedding dress is unavoidable. Even if you have followed all the correct storage steps, your wedding dress is bound to get wrinkled up. However, if you store your dress well, the number and intensity of these wrinkles will be much less.

To ensure that your wedding dress remains in pristine condition, make sure to remove these wrinkles with care. If your wedding dress is made out of lightweight fabric like chiffon or georgette, you can simply hang it up and use a hand-held steamer. However, if your dress is heavy, make sure to follow the ironing instructions given by your designer.

Tips to Store your Wedding Dress Correctly

If you store your wedding dress properly, it will last for years. Correct storage and preservation can also help you give your wedding dress to the next generation as an heirloom. All you have to do is follow some simple and easy tips and tricks, and your wedding dress will remain new and fresh for many years.

Here are some effective and helpful tips and guidelines for storing your wedding gown.

  • Always check the label. This will give you storage and handling instructions in detail. These instructions are specifically mentioned for your dress by the designer. So, make sure to follow them.
  • Make sure to remove any plastic bag that your dress came in.
  • Keep your wedding dress at a controlled and consistent temperature.
  • Try to avoid handling your wedding dress unnecessarily. This can amplify the risk of staining, spoiling, or damaging your dress. Moreover, the natural oils and moisture from your fingers can also ruin your wedding dress.
  • Always keep your wedding dress inside a breathable garment bag.
  • Never store your wedding dress in a vacuum-sealed garment bag.
  • If required, always fold your wedding dress lengthwise.
  • If you have a structured gown with a fitted bodice, make sure to stuff it adequately. This is to ensure that your gown does not get deshaped.
  • Always keep your wedding dress away from kids and pets.

Avoid Unnecessary Handling of the Wedding Dress

Once you have stored your wedding dress in the right manner, it is best to forget about it till your wedding day comes close. We know you might feel tempted to take a peek at it or show it off to your friends, but it is best that you don’t do any of that.

Every time you take your dress out, it increases its risk of getting soiled, stained, or ruined. If you really need to touch your dress, then you should do it with washed and dry hands. Even better to wear gloves! That’s because your fingers have natural oils. These oils from your hands can get onto your wedding dress.

Another thing to remember is not to wear any jewelry, makeup, or deodorant when trying on your dress. After all, it is better to be cautious than to regret later.


How do You Store a Heavily Embellished Wedding Dress?

There are usually instructions provided by the designer to store heavily embellished wedding dresses. The storage procedure of heavy dresses should not affect the dress at all. It should be done with extreme attention and care. 

With heavy embellishments, beading, or structured lace, hanging the wedding dress is not the best option. It is best to take it off the hanger and place it on a flat surface. Then, cover it with a sheet or a garment bag. Fold the dress gently, and then store it safely on a horizontal surface.

How Should I Store my Wedding Dress in a Garment Bag?

To store your wedding dress properly in a garment bag:

1. Hang your dress at an appropriate height.
2. Put the bodice of your dress inside the bag and pull the hook of the hanger through the opening. Let the rest of the dress hang outside.
3. Take the bottom corners of your dress and fold them inwards towards each other.
4. Roll up the train of the dress upwards. Make sure to do this gently. Keep rolling it until it fits inside your garment bag.
5. Once your dress is contained within the bag, zip it up gently and with care.

Should I Hang or Box Up My Wedding Dress?

Bride looking at her wedding gown hanging on a hotel window

You can do both, depending on your requirements. If your dress is made of light fabric and does not have many embellishments or detailing, then it is best to let it hang in a garment bag. On the other hand, if your dress is made with heavy fabric and has embellishments and beading, then it is best to keep it in a wedding dress box.

However, if you are storing the dress for a long time, then it is best to box it. That is because long-term hanging can totally ruin the look of a wedding dress.

Final Words

Your wedding dress is one of the most important and valuable things that you buy for your big day. It is also probably one of the most high-maintenance clothing items that you will ever wear. So, it is essential that you take good care of it! 

We hope that this guide helps you keep your dress safe and fresh for as long as you want. Following these simple steps will make sure that your dress remains perfect and pristine on your wedding day and even afterward.

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